And so it begins…..

“We know better where we are going if we understand where we have been” J. N. Liles Niles, J. N. (1990). The art and craft of natural dying: Traditional recipes for modern use. University of Tennessee Press (2010 reprint), Knoxville, TN, pp. v. Greetings! Thank you for following along on our journey. Several months ago,Continue reading “And so it begins…..”


Welcome to our collaborative blog! I’m Mel Sweetnam, of Mamie’s Schoolhouse. I am privileged to be working with the marvellous group of global dyers who have decided to join me on this adventure to recreate the 1,800 year old dye methods found in the Leyden and Stockholm Papyri (learn about the papyri here, and aboutContinue reading “Welcome!”